Sweet Cleo was adopted out from us as a kitten 10 years ago. But her life was turned upside-down recently when, sadly, her mom went to an assisted living facility. So now Cleo needs a real forever home where she can spend the second phase of her life. Many indoor cats can live well into their late teens! Even 20’€™s! Cleo has just been to the vet and she is healthy and did not even need dental.

She is a very beautiful and colorful calico. She is very friendly and loves to be petted. Her foster mom was pleasantly surprised to find that on their first day together, Cleo hopped up on her lap and proceeded to fall asleep — now that’s a friendly lap cat! She loves to chase the feather on a stick and rolls around with her catnip carrot. She grew up with her brother, but they have shown no real attachment, so they are being adopted individually. Older cats are too often overlooked…please consider giving Cleo a second chance on forever…she would make a great little companion! She still has lots of love and joy to share…can she share it with you?

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