Baxter came to the Cat Connection with his sister (Blair) as two adorable little balls of fluff, his gray and hers black. They were both extremely shy at first and seen only as fluffy streaks across the floor. Gradually, Baxter started to come out of his shell, slowly coming out of hiding more and more, coming closer to people, then letting us touch him. Now, at 3 years old, he is a total love-bug, one of the first to come over when someone comes in, pushing his way to the front of the group to get petted. He loves to play as much as he loves to lounge and get petted or brushed. He is a sweet, young cat who is deserving of a wonderful home. He could be adopted with another young, playful cat or go to a home needing a companion for a playful cat already in residence. If the adopter is patient and willing to work with his sister, Blair (who continues to be shy), we feel Blair would likely do well once settled in a home of her own. Blair will take more time to settle in than Baxter.

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